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DESIGNbyBORI offers handmade patterns for DIY projects designed by Bori Varga. Stunning colorful easy patterns for crochet bags, purses, blankets, accessories. Craft ideas, tips, and tricks. Enjoy crocheting, sewing, and your free time!

New - Jellyfish Led Lighting Lantern

My Jellyfish Lantern crochet pattern is ready! My living room looks like an underwater paradise. :) I've found a really beautiful quote about these really amazing sea animals: "A jellyfish, if you watch it long enough, begins to look like a heart beating." Are you an ocean lover like me, or your friend is a passionate diver? I think, it could be a perfect handmade gift. The jellyfish swims with the FLOW. Crochet this jellyfish lantern and feel the FLOW too! Shop now this pattern >>> With Love, Bori


Bori Varga - Budapest, Europe

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