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DESIGNbyBORI offers handmade patterns for DIY projects designed by Bori Varga. Stunning colorful easy patterns for crochet bags, purses, blankets, accessories. Craft ideas, tips, and tricks. Enjoy crocheting, sewing, and your free time!

The hidden life of TREES

I'm reading this exciting book about TREES hidden social life and network. A walk in the woods will never be the same again after Peter Wohlleben's book. :) While I'm thinking about trees feelings I'm thinking about my new project, what to design from this beautiful sheepjes whirl yarn. With love, Bori

Carnation iPad case pattern is ready!

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." Michelangelo The "Stone" wanted to become a flower, the "Stone" exactly sad it to Bertie Bean (in my favourite children story written by Ervin Lazar). Bertie Bean carved a beautiful flower from the Stone. The "Stone" was very happy and confident until the autumn arrived. He was looking through the window and saw that the real flowers were fading. "I want to fade and decay too!"- said the "stone" to Bertie Bean. "But how? Stone carved flowers never fade!?" - said Bertie Bean. "Bring me back to the hillside! Water and wind will help me to decay." My Carnation iPad case pattern is ready. Crochet a f

Offline is the new luxury!

"Offline is the new luxury." I've bought the newest Flow magazine with a small "7-days-offline-project" exercise book with many tips what to do without your phone. :) Be offline and crochet with me this unique iPad case! With love, Bori

How do you feed your mind and soul?

I was thinking about healthy foods and what I should cook for my children tomorrow. I think it's the same with our soul and mind. We should take more "healthy food" every day. The beauty of the nature, family, friends crochet and music are my favourites. On this picture I'm together with my family in the Alps. Sometimes I open it on my screen to refresh my memories.

Together with Van Gogh and Monet

I was in London last week and I went to The Courtauld Gallery. I was sitting and watching these paintings from Monet and Van Gogh. I was filling my mind, my eyes and my heart with their colors! What a beautiful day!


Bori Varga - Budapest, Europe

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