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Keep a Gratitude Journal

I think January is the perfect time to take stock of which areas in our lives could use a tune-up. I like this month because I'm thinking about my new plans. This year I would like to integrate some new habits into my life. I'm keeping a "gratitude journal."

I found this small notebook last week in a bookshop and it was "love at first sight". I keep it in my night-stand with a pen. I jot down every evening a few things – big or small – that I’m grateful for that day. Sunshine (it is rare in January), a great evening with family, a good feedback in my work, a kiss from my husband, a great coffee, health in my family,...

Taking a few minutes to write down what you’re thankful for has been shown to lower stress levels, encourage better sleep, and enhance feelings of happiness. In other words, major bang for the five minutes it takes. The key is to just start doing it regularly so that it becomes a habit.

With Love,


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